We Deliver Awesome Technology Services

Each type of IT service we provide is unique to YOUR needs

Computer Management Services

We manage all aspects and operations of your information technology infrastructure,  data processing and data center facilities. Our services are broad in scope and unique to your needs.

IT Consulting and Staffing

We have the right human resources for any IT project, problem or requirement.  Our teams are ready for the challenge no matter how complex it is.

Software Development

Custom application development and computer programming for all business and enterprise use. We also enhance and customize existing software to meet growing business needs.

Security Systems Solutions

Innovative premise security, access management and surveillance systems solutions are important for staying ahead of security trends in the industry.

Messaging and Collaboration

Expertise implementing and managing email and productivity solutions from Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Skype for Business.  VDI such as Citrix and VMware View Horizon.

ERP and CRM Systems Expertise

ERP, CRM and EPM systems such as SAP, Hyperion, Oracle, JD Edwards and Microsoft Dynamics are part of our robust service offerings.

It’s passion, not just work!

Each type of IT service we provide is optimized to YOUR unique needs

Data Center Management

One of the most dynamic and critical operations in any business. Because downtime impacts costs is so high, availability of IT capacity is generally the most
important metric to watch. Improving the energy efficiency, change management processes and general performance and optimization are critical areas to focus.

VMware Support and Optimization

We are a leading provider of VMware solutions and systems with guaranteed 100% up time, 24/7 support and a comprehensive service level agreement. Our VMware optimizations are quite innovative and deliver a very powerful, highly reliable and cost effective cloud solution for any business enterprise.

Custom Software Development

We build custom software while delivering complex world-class software solutions on a variety of technology platforms to customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups. Our fantastic track record spans many years and includes several hundred projects in our portfolio for many diverse customers.

Database Services

Specializing in all the major database management systems including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and mySQL to name a few, our team of DBAs are well-versed in database best practices from architecture to backups to optimizations.

Data Backup Solutions

We have an array of data backup solutions to choose from depending on the storage platform – NetApp, EMC, Pure Storage to name a few.   We also provide disaster recovery, data retention, email archiving solutions and other complex data recovery needs.

Critical Application Services

We ensure the high-availability of your business critical applications while monitoring application usage trends and optimizing their efficiencies. SAP, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, Hyperion. JD Edwards, and other custom applications are part of our services.

Hardware Support

Our hardware technicians are experts in supporting various types of hardware in your infrastructure ranging from servers, networking, UPS, storage and end-user computers.  We have partnerships with the major hardware suppliers such as Dell, HP and Cisco.

Managed Security

IT Security is a critical part of any technology solution and we take this very seriously. Our IT security experts leverage a suite of security tools such as LogRhythm for analyzing access trends and making intelligent decisions around security threats.

Great Service Agreements

We ensure the accurate execution of contracts and the smooth delivery of our services.  Well-captured service level agreements and sound documentation are great mechanisms for tracking and upholding our commitments to you.

Enterprise-Class Solutions

Full IT Outsourcing

With our fully outsourced IT services, our customers gain access to deep technical expertise and the flexible and adaptive technology that enables business transformation. We respond to changing business demands smoothly.

Scalability Fitting Your Needs

Good architectural design is a major foundation of a highly scalable IT solution. We take the design phases of all our solutions very seriously as this has the greatest impact on the scalability of any situation.

Industry Expertise

Our teams have deep industry knowledge to help accelerate performance and comply with industry regulations. From Finance to Healthcare, we deliver industry solutions to help transform enterprises for a competitive advantage.

24/7 System Monitoring

OBS provides extensive round the clock monitoring solutions to track both performance and availability metrics.  We perform daily health checks on IT systems and generate alerts should anomalies arise.

Client Industry Sectors

  • Local, state and federal Governments
  • Healthcare and insurance providers
  • Automotive manufacturers and suppliers
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Colleges, universities and non-profits

Why Choose OBS?

Trusted Partnerships

Maintaining the trust of our customers and partners is part of our core objectives. We are well-trusted to deliver what is expected and sometimes we exceed this objective. Our customers’ interests are our interests, and we protect the confidentiality and confidence of our customers.

Safe and Secure Solutions

We ensure the safety and security of your systems and implement all solutions in accordance to industry security best practices. It is imperative that the appropriate IT security and cyber-security systems be leveraged for the protection of all data assets.

Innovative Ideas

We are able to solve complex challenges and deliver advanced solutions through a mindset of innovation, high quality and diligence. No task is too big and no problem is too complex for our teams.

Passion and Excellence

Our strong commitment to excellence in all that we deliver is backed by a strong passion for success. This attribute is reflected in our quality work and satisfied customers. We thrive on the success of our customers!

Exceptional Services!

OBS partners closely with the world’s leading technology product developers and manufacturers to deliver solutions to meet our clients’ business needs.

Our consultants and professionals assist organizations in identifying and leveraging appropriate technologies, thus ensuring success for a company’s strategic and operational goals.

We focus on keeping mission-critical information technology systems up and running – businesses rely on these systems to maintain a competitive advantage.

IT Service Management

OBS competitively offers flexible IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to manage most business processes, including Sales, Human Resource, IT, Purchasing, Accounting and other major business processes – moving you from an infrastructure-centric to a service-centric enterprise.

SharePoint Expertise

Gain a powerful content and document management tool set, and introduce employees to a new way to collaborate with a Managed SharePoint solution. OBS will take ownership of your SharePoint farms − providing teams with the ability to focus on strategy and business process.

End User Services

We value our customers’ end users as much as we value owns. That is why we offer a comprehensive suite of end user services including: Help Desk Services, Customer Portal, Mobility Device Management, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Endpoint Management.

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