03 Nov

New Mapping Solution Launches in Michigan

Groomed Trail, an online mapping and route planning solution for outdoor enthusiasts such as snowmobilers, was launched publicly at the Snowmobile Show at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan this weekend.  Thousands of snowmobile riders visited the Groomed Trail booth and signed up on the web application.

Steve Dove, Founder and CEO of Groomed Trail, had spent many hours demonstrating the features and capabilities of the website to the large audience. Steve had worked closely with Optimal Business Systems to build this complex mapping solution over the last 18 months. “A lot of hard work has gone into this software. And it is free to anyone to use,” said Steve.

Groomed Trail was created to be used as a centralized tool, for snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts, to accurately plan trips based upon distance, trail availability, conditions, local points of interest and to also book lodging. Additionally, it has forums, news, events and classified sections, to inspire additional collaboration within the Groomed Trail community.

“We have been looking forward to something like this,” said Chris, an avid snowmobile sporting enthusiast from Sterling Heights, Michigan. “Finally a powerful platform where I can plan my trips and share them with my buddies. This is making [snowmobiling trips] very easy for everyone.”

Shola Salako, CEO of Optimal Business System, was also present that the public launch. “This is how a paradigm shift is introduced to any industry — by involving and catering to the needs of the community.” He also added that, “Groomed Trail is rapidly becoming the voice of the snowmobiler. Steve is on to something great here and we are proud to help Groomed Trail evolve with innovative technology. The future is brighter than the snow!”

Shola Salako and Steve Dove

Shola Salako, CEO of Optimal Business Systems, with Steve Dove, Founder/CEO of Groomed Trail, at the Snow Mobile Show in Novi, Michigan.

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